Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards

For most high school sports children are required to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. "Boil and bite" mouth guards purchased at retail stores are an affordable option for patients, however they are bulky. These types of mouth guards are uncomfortable and children tend to have difficulty speaking when wearing them. Dr. Kym offers free custom-fit mouth guards to any child who is a patient of record at Dodgeville Dental. If your child is not a patient of record here, she will be happy to make him or her a mouth guard as well- please contact our office to schedule a short 15 minute appointment for an impression.

Night Guards

Many patient have grinding and clenching habits that cause their teeth to wear down quickly. These habits are hard to change, especially because many patients grind and clench in their sleep without even knowing it! Special mouth guards that are worn during the night while a patient sleeps can be made to avoid wear and damage to natural teeth. If your teeth look worn, your jaw gets sore in the morning, or you notice that you are grinding/clenching, you may be a good candidate for a night guard.