Patient Testimonials

Don't Listen to Us. Listen to Our Patients.

"If you want your dental care done painlessly by competent, cheerful, thoughtful people, you need to go to Dodgeville Dental. Dental Care can be pleasant. Don't wait any longer, go to Dodgeville Dental."

- Robert Hill

"Since returning to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania (and transferring my dental care to a new provider, Dodgeville Dental)... I have been both surprised and pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of care that has been provided! I was honestly quite impressed with the expertise and technical applications that were fully explained to me as the patients and decision maker of the choices I was presented. Awesome care by awesome staff! Thank you!"

- Jeff Fitzsimons

"Dr. Kym is an amazing dentist. Extremely professional and well-versed in the dental area. More importantly... She is extremely warm, genuine and can read in-between the lines when it appears as though I have a questions or a concern. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. We are so fortunate to have her here in Dodgeville."

- Diane Rock

"Dr. Kym did a really great job. I really appreciated that she waited until I was completely numb to drill, and when I felt pain she used a different drill so that I would be more comfortable. Her nurse holding my hand for shots was also really nice. Best/easiest cavity filling I have ever gotten done. Thank you so much Dr. Kym, for the positive experience."

- Hillary Patzner-Gratz

"Thank you Dr. Fritz for a comfortable experience."

- Brooke Dehner

"After moving back to Dodgeville and having come with an abscessed tooth, I was recommended to Dr. Kym. They went over and above to get me in as soon as possible. It is so nice to come home and have such wonderful people help me."

- Jeanne Paquin