Why do teeth need to be extracted?

There are several reasons why teeth may need to be extracted. A tooth needs to be extracted if there is an abscess (infection) associated with the tooth and the patient does not want to have other procedures done to save the tooth. Occasionally, a tooth cannot be saved because the cavity is too extensive or the periodontal disease is too advanced. Often people have their third molars (wisdom teeth) extracted. Most dentists recommend extraction of third molars because there are many problems that can happen if the molars are not erupting properly, or if there is not enough room in the mouth for the third molars.

The Extraction Process

If you do need to have a tooth extracted, the process is simple. The doctor will numb your tooth and the gum tissue around your tooth. After the area is numb you should not feel any pain. You will feel pressure or “pushing” while the tooth is being extracted, but not pain. If you have a tooth you believe needs to be extracted, you need to come to the office for a consultation. Dr. Kym will take an x-ray and evaluate the tooth which needs to be removed. She may be able to extract the tooth right at our office, or she made need to refer you to an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

After a tooth has been extracted it is important to replace the missing tooth. If the missing tooth is not replaced, it may be difficult to chew, you may experience problems with your jaw-joint, or other teeth around that area may shift. Because the removal of a tooth can lead to problems, it is important to discuss options for replacing a missing tooth.